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Art Photography Art is my latest development,


an adventure that began in 2007 with a very personal interpretation of visions of quarries and special tools and objects from the work, which resulted in a display of photographic prints of the highest quality:

"Imaginary-mind Apuanian Quarries"



in a first exhibition and presented in Carrara in the halls on the ground floor of the Palace of Red Square Academy
In 2008 it was the turn of the reflections and the play of light and forms on the surface of the sea shore after strong storm or a marreggiata, reflections where there are games of clouds and lights of the sunset but also often come where the reflections of tall cranes inevitable harbor structure that characterizes our coast. The title came from a symbiosis of the images with the poems of "Undivided Heaven", a collection of poems written by my brother Roberto. The exhibition was staged for the first time at the Red Palace of Academy in Carrara, in 2009 was repeated in Marina di Massa in Villa Cutturi based APT Also in support of an association with social purpose.
It was in 2010 with the apotheosis of "Angels in Flight", held in the Baptistery of the Duomo di Carrara - Church of St. Andrew of the XXII century.
This exhibition-event organization implemented to create an event full integration between photography, poetry and music peaked with baroque music and its performance at the inauguration, the presentation of the exhibition by the Prof.Guido Taravacci and readings poems by Dr. Marzia data. Of all this there are the videos on You-Tube.
In 2011 and 2012 I dedicated to the events of the harbor "Port Memories and Present" in which through a re-enactment, which I totally organized, old port retired from 90 years, describe the emotions of workers to be part as members of the then Company Port Workers although this was a hard work with substantial differences between then and now.
Marble Weeks, this major summer event in 2013 and 2014, claimed two important exhibitions presented within its circuit:


"Life of Marble" with prints of Imaginary-mind Marble Cave Apuan display at Palazzo Courses in Alberica Carrara and the public presentation of the homonymous book "Life of Marble", not an exhibition catalog but a real photo book, size 48x33 cm, hardcover printed; in its pages a real path narrattivo made for images, descriptive of the characteristics of the Apuan territory, that goes from the quarries to the sea with the city of Carrara in the center, for which integrated many more photographs than the exhibition on display, and a series of poems combined with images and written by Roberto Maggiani stressed the essence of the character of this people.



"Marble in War" a brand new project of photography and poetry, with an eponymous book 17x24 cm, published under the umbrella of the Archives of the Resistance, dedicated to the world of the wounds that war leaves in the minds of those who lived, that posterity will remember ; recalled from injuries sustained by marble monuments, often commemorating the First World War with the list of casualties that we all know, and who have found themselves to be witnesses of a second bloody world war, reporting injuries and shots being placed precisely on what then it was the Gothic Line, between monuments Seravezza and Pietrasanta.

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